Craig Klein

Craig Klein, MS, CNS, LN

Craig Klein is a certified and licensed nutritionist.  He received his undergraduate degree in biology and chemistry from California State University, Northridge and went on to earn a Masters’ degree in Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Craig’s work as a Nutritionist has included private and corporate nutritional counseling.  He has worked as an educator in the nutritional supplement industry and brings his deep knowledge of supplements to his clients.

His interest in nutrition began as a boy observing how difficult it was for his father to navigate the many difficulties of insulin-dependent diabetes.  Although he did not realize it at the time, this sparked what became a lifelong curiosity and passion concerning health.  These experiences also created a deep compassion in Craig for people facing issues with their health.  Craig continues to learn, deepening his understanding of the many aspects of health and nutrition, and brings this knowledge to his practice.

Craig’s goal has always been to have a positive impact on public health through education, whether counseling one-on-one or speaking to a group of one hundred.  Craig draws from his professional experience and education as a Nutritionist to support people in effectively addressing and resolving their unique health concerns and challenges.  Effective protocols are based on the client’s unique needs and include simple and direct dietary changes, the targeted use of nutritional supplements, and lifestyle adjustments.  Together these are the cornerstones for re-establishing and maintaining optimal wellness.  Craig is a genuinely caring person who respects each person and sees it as a privilege to assist them in their journey back to health.