About Us


We promote wellness through a focus on lifestyle change, herbal remedies and nutraceuticals.

Our clinical team is comprised of licensed clinicians, alternative care practitioners, scientists and support staff who share the same goal of helping clients manage their symptoms safely and effectively. Clinically, our goal is to decrease the use of traditional pharmaceutical medications while empowering patients through an expanded toolbox of alternative treatment options.

We take safety very seriously and as a result, products utilized in this practice are evidence based, third party lab tested and certified to ensure the highest standard of quality and effectiveness. We adhere to all CDC, and NM Department of Health guidelines for workplace safety and offer our expertise to others seeking the same.

Althera Alternative Care:

    • Resists the use of pharmaceutical medications when possible.
    • Promotes a holistic approach to healing advocating for proper nutrition, regular exercise and the use of professional supplements, vitamins, and herbs.
    • Incorporates the evidence-based use of safe, trusted, and clinically tested CBD and its active ingredients.

Strives to support businesses seeking to operate in a safe and sanitary workplace environment.


Our Core Values:

  • Integrity: Consult the evidence. Do the right thing.
  • Compassion: Respect the Individual. Mind, Body and Spirit.
  • Service: Empower the Patient and Client. Present options. Listen, educate, and inform.
  • Quality: Respect patient and client safety. Do no harm. Value quality over quantity.
Althera Clinic Albuquerque - Alternative Medicine


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