Direct Primary Care

Designed to handle emergencies, minor complaints and everything in between


Direct Medicine Program in Albuquerque is for patients seeking an even greater level of medical care

As health insurance gets increasingly confusing, expensive, and frustrating, new models of care have emerged. If you are in between medical plans, without health insurance, or tired of skyrocketing monthly premiums, we would like to introduce you to our direct primary care practice. Our membership-based practice charges a simple monthly fee to access services. Our practice does not accept insurance and as a result, cuts insurance providers out of the process, erasing the need for patients and providers to file health insurance claims. This model of care is unrushed, personal, individualized, and focused on providing services well above and beyond what is available in a standard medical practice.

Our practice features fewer patients and a limited practice size, allowing us to take time to research clinical practice guidelines and the latest up-to-date evidence based alternative therapies to address your condition. We feel that this model of care provides the best opportunity to support your health and improve quality of life. Our superior practice experience delivers peace of mind, balance, advocacy, and care without restrictions, barriers, administrators, or the burden of insurance company oversight.

  • Enhanced Office Experience
  • Extended Office Visits
  • A focus on Prevention and Wellness
  • Save you Money/No Co-Pays
  • Same Day Appointments
  • Better Health Outcomes through Better Access to Care


At Althera we wish to help you create and ultimately surpass your Personal Health Goals. You’ll immediately feel welcomed in our modern office suite, where calls are answered by a trusted member of our team who knows your name and responds immediately to your concerns. Our practitioners will give you their private cell phone number and personal email address for use as needed or after-hours. Our limited practice size and freedom from insurance company requirements and stress of billing gives us the time to build meaningful relationships with each patient and provide the level of care and attention you deserve.

Working as a team, our providers seek to develop a customized, proactive, preventative health plan for our patients that focuses on prevention vs. reacting to illness. Our providers are experienced and attentive, which translates into a skill for uncovering risk factors that can impact the potential for disease. With a focus on preventing illness, we become a trusted partner in helping you achieve your own personal health goals. Our convenient, on-site wellness partners provide complementary services and practical lifestyle changes that can have a direct impact on your health.  Should more serious health issues arise, we function as primary care providers, reviewing lab and imaging results, consulting with and coordinating care with specialists suggesting practical lifestyle changes that can have a direct impact on your health.

Althera Clinic Albuquerque - Alternative Medicine


Membership plans offer additional benefits and increased convenience.
Pay monthly, yearly or a simple flat fee at the time of service. See our Pricing Menu for Medical Services