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Diagnostic Tests in Albuquerque

Micronutrient testing

Deficiencies of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are directly linked to suppressed functions of the immune system. This effectively leaves individuals more susceptible to chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis and cancer.

Vitality Sciences uses Micronutrient testing, a comprehensive nutritional analysis of the body’s intracellular function. It measures 35 selected vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and all other essential micronutrients within in your blood. The Micro Nutrient results will show a person’s functional nutritional health over a much longer period of time than other standard blood testing. In turn providing a more meaningful measurement than any other nutrient testing available.

Cardiometabolic Testing

The body’s cellular metabolism and cardiovascular system work together in correspondence with heart and blood vessel health. Utilizing the services of our partner diagnostic lab, Althera refers patients to obtain simple and easy blood tests that measure an individual’s chances of developing heart disease (cardio), diabetes (metabolic) or other health related conditions. Each individual blood test we order and interpret offers a detailed description of where you stand in regard to health.

Hormone and Thyroid Testing

Althera offers comprehensive male and female hormone and thyroid panels revealing a detailed snapshot of overall hormone and thyroid balance. Just like nutrients, hormone and thyroid balance play a vital role in an individual’s health, brain and cognitive function, sleep, metabolism, immunity, sexual function, heart health, appearance, and emotional well-being. Any imbalance can cause a chain of negative reactions affecting an individual’s health and vitality.

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