FAQ: Clinic Fees

Pay monthly, yearly or a simple flat fee at the time of service

Are there any hidden fees?

Nope. We provide most care to members without any fees at all! If we do charge for non-covered services, we always list prices upfront. If we recommend outside services, we try very hard to find you an upfront, reasonable price if paying cash.

What about lab work and other testing?

All members have access to many basic lab and diagnostic testing (cholesterol, diabetes testing, strep, EKG, urine dipstick, etc.) for no charge at all. For non-covered labs, we offer significantly discount wholesale prices — 50-90% less than insurance based prices. See some of our prices here If you require labs not listed, you can contact us for pricing of just about anything.

How much do individual services cost if I am not on the membership plan?

Check out our pricing page or contact us with specific requests if needed. We are committed to upfront pricing of all of our services.

When do I pay my fees for medications, labs, etc.?

For any fees for non-covered services, we expect full payment at time of service for most services, including medications, labs, procedures, etc.

How much will my first visit cost?

We do not charge “per visit”. New members must pay a registration fee and a minimum of one month of membership fees upfront. To get started members will usually pay a minimum of around $100. If any non-covered services are required (labs, procedures, etc.) the first visit cost may be slightly more.

How much does a "check-up" cost? wellness visit?

All wellness visits (including most routine labs and pap smears) are provided at ZERO cost to all members!

Check out our walk-in pricing or contact us if you are not a member to learn about our fee structure.

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Membership plans offer additional benefits and increased convenience.
Pay monthly, yearly or a simple flat fee at the time of service. See our Pricing Menu for Medical Services