Direct Healthcare Contracting

Get direct primary care on a contracted base for your employees


Contract Medical Services

The logical next step for self-insured employers

Direct contracting can occur for specific services  or for comprehensive services.  Health care purchasers may opt for this approach in circumstances where they want to customize the health care they procure, which may be difficult to do through an existing contract with a health insurance plan.

Employers of all sizes can contract directly with our physician practices for reasonably priced health care. Doing so leads to more-predictable plan budgeting, better fiscal-risk management and improved employee health.

Althera Clinic contracts directly for healthcare services to local businesses, schools, agencies and  institutions around Albuquerque.

Our physician and nursing staff provide comprehensive medical assessments, sick call, medication administration and management, laboratory and diagnostic services and confidential medical records.

Direct contracting has the potential to give a purchaser more control over pricing, which providers are included, and greater insight into the quality of care.


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