FAQ: Medical Services & Medications

Our clinic promotes wellness through a focus on lifestyle change, herbal remedies and non-THC containing cannabis based remedies and nutraceuticals

Is this an “alternative” medicine practice?

We think of our business model as an alternative to managed care medicine. Additionally, our model of care promotes alternatives to traditional therapies as well purposefully works to decrease dependence on western pharmaceuticals in favor of herbal and or natural treatment options.

Can you do women’s care? Pap smears?

No. Althera Alternative Care does not offer gynecologic services, including pelvic exams, pap smears, birth control and or IUD insertion

Can Althera Alternative Care work for kids? Pediatrics?

Absolutely! We love little tikes of all sizes. We can provide all standard childhood health care services including yearly physicals, acute care (i.e. sore throats) and chronic disease management (i.e. asthma, allergies, etc.). We are NOT currently giving childhood vaccinations, but can review records and facilitate referrals to community partners for completion.

Do you give vaccines?

Currently we do not offer vaccination services. We hope to offer standard childhood vaccines as our practice grows. Althera Alternative Care clinicians can review vaccine records and refer you to a variety of community partners to complete immunization requirements as needed.

Can you manage chronic pain? Prescribe narcotics?

There are many modalities available to help minimize the pain of chronic conditions and aggressively work with people to achieve adequate comfort. Althera practitioners endorse a cautious and conservative approach to the use of narcotic/opiate medications such as hydrocodone, morphine, Percocet and or others and therefore almost never prescribe. This said, our providers will continue to use their best discretion and experience to address pain. Generally, Althera providers will seek to utilize narcotic medications as a last resort for short durations and only in select situations. For more information, please review our Medication Policy.

What about behavioral/mental health problems? Depression, anxiety?

Althera Alternative Care clinicians are experienced, comfortable and licensed to provide care for mental health problems. Our clinicians generally have a conservative and careful approach when using medications (particularly benzodiazepines such as Xanax or Valium) in this area and strongly promote the use of natural therapies and lifestyle changes prior to medication initiation. Althera providers are capable of prescribing all medications to care for behavioral health complaints. Additionally, Althera maintains an updated list of community providers ready to accept referrals for BH patients were needed.

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